Increased Authentication FAQ

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About Increased Authentication


Security Questions

Logging in to UCU Online Banking

Registering Your Computer

Setting up Increased Authentication for ucumobile

About Increased Authentication

How does Increased Authentication help to protect my banking information?

When you set up Increased Authentication, you will choose three questions that are easy for you to answer, but that other people wouldn’t likely know about you. This is to ensure that no one has gained access to your login information.

While Increased Authentication will help to better protect the privacy and security of your personal information, there are additional security steps that you should follow:

  • Check the web address. Make sure that the web link is and contains “https” with the “s” in it. To ensure that you are not on a fraudulent website, type the website address directly into your browser or use your personal bookmarks instead of clicking links from emails.
  • Check the site security certificate before entering your login information. You can do this in most web browsers by checking the yellow lock icon on the status bar at the bottom right corner of the window. Make sure that the lock is closed and double-click the lock icon to display the security certificate for the site. The name following "Issued to" should match the name of the site you’re visiting. If the name differs, don't enter any personal information and close your browser as you may be on a fake site.

What are the technical requirements for using Increased Authentication?

To log in to UCU Online Banking, you'll need to enable JavaScript. View all of our UCU Online Banking requirements including supported browsers and hardware configurations in our Requirements section.

Can I use Increased Authentication on my handheld mobile device?

Yes. The procedure for enabling Increased Authentication on your handheld mobile device is the same as from your desktop or laptop computer. Please visit the ucu mobile banking section on this website for details on how to sign up for mobile banking if you have not already done so.


How do I set up Increased Authentication?

When you attempt to log in to Online Banking, you will be asked to set up Increased Authentication. Setting up is quick and easy:

  • You’ll pick from a list of security questions and provide answers that are unique to you.
  • We’ll confirm your selections.

Do I have to set up Increased Authentication?

Yes. You need to set up Increased Authentication in order to log in to UCU Online Banking.

Security Questions

Can I change my security questions?

Yes. After you have logged in to UCU Online Banking, click on the Member Services tab. Then select Change Security Questions from the left-hand menu.

We will never contact you by email to confirm or change your image, phrase, or security questions. If you receive such an email it is undoubtably fraudulent and you should not respond to it or click on any links, instead you should delete it immediately and alert us that someone is sending fraudulent emails.


Logging in to UCU Online Banking

I answered my security questions incorrectly and now I am locked out. What do I do?

Please call us at 416.922.4407 or 1.800.461.0777. Once we verify your identity, we’ll help you reset your security questions. If you are locked out during non-business hours you can use U-Touch Telephone Banking to do your banking, or call back during regular business hours so that we can unlock you.

Please note that if you're locked out of UCU Online Banking because you have entered your Personal Access Code incorrectly three times, you'll need to wait until the following day to log in again.

I share my computer with someone who also uses UCU Online Banking. Can both of us still log in from this computer?

Yes. There is no limit to how many people can log in to UCU Online Banking from the same computer. Just remember not to share your online banking alias, Personal Access Code, or answers to your security questions.

Registering your computer

What happens when I register my computer?

If you register your computer during the UCU Online Banking login process, a cookie will be placed on your computer and you will not be required to answer any additional security questions to proceed with log in. Please note that if you clear your cookies, your computer will no longer be registered and you will need to answer a security question before you can log in.

If I register my computer, does this mean I can’t log in to UCU Online Banking from another computer?

No. You can log in to UCU Online Banking from any computer, but if the computer is not registered you will be asked one of the security questions that you have chosen. That way we can tell it’s really you.

Can I register more than one computer?

Yes. If you use multiple computers to sign in to UCU Online Banking, you can register any computer that you know is safe. You should register a computer if it is a computer you own, such as your personal computer at work or home. Do not register a computer at a library, internet café or a shared work computer.


Setting up Increased Authentication for ucumobile

How do I set up increased authentication if I use ucumobile?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to set up Increased Authentication directly from your mobile device. You will FIRST need to go to our website from a PC and set up the Increased Authentication. Once you have set it up you will be able to use your ucumobile access the same as before.


When you access your account using ucumobile for the first time after Increased Authentication has been added to our online banking service you will receive a message prompting you to go to our main website to sign up for Increased Authentication and to register your mobile device as a "trusted" device.