Website Upgrade

What is happening

UCU will be launching a new website in early December. The new website is just the beginning of our digital transformation. At first, you will only notice visual changes as the website and the UCU Mobile App are upgraded to a new platform. However this is a necessary first step in order for us to be able to offer our members enhanced digital banking services in the coming years.

The very first step will be a mandatory upgrade of the UCU Mobile App on October 28, 2019. When you log into the UCU mobile app on or after this date, you will be asked to download a new version of the app.

The mobile app upgrade is necessary in order for the mobile app to work with the new website that will be launched at the end of November or early December. There will not be any major changes to what the app can do at this time. Feature upgrades will come at a later time.

Why are we upgrading our website?

Easy to Adopt

Our new website will look significantly different, have a logical architecture, clear navigation and will be intuitive to use. Customers will be able to easily access what they want and won’t face any barriers or complexities during use.

The Feel

Our new website and mobile app were designed to feature contemporary and high-impact design and will provide an improved and smoother-flowing user experience. The transition will be an opportunity to focus on the content that’s most valuable to clients. Additionally, the mobile app will be better optimized for smaller screens and multiple types of devices.

The Functions

On launch, our new digital banking products will have all the same functionality and features as our existing products, with much more to come. As part of a platform-based solution with open-innovation capabilities, it will be easy for us to add new features to these products over time, originating from diverse sources such as fintechs.

Securing Our Competitiveness (“Future Proofed”)

The new digital platform we’ve built our products on is a shared foundation for ongoing adaptation and success, which means we can now leverage digital innovation to serve you better and maintain our competitiveness. Our shared success – as a business and its member-owners – is better assured.