e-Statement FAQ

What is an e-Statement?

An e-statement is your account statement that is provided for you electronically. You may also view your e-statement using your online banking access.


Will it cost me anything to receive the e-Statement?

E-statements are free!


Will I keep getting a paper statement?

Yes, you will keep getting it unless you tell us that you don't want it.


How can I apply to stop receiving a paper statement?

To stop receiving your paper statement, email our Call Centre at callcentre@ukrainiancu.com to register.


Will my e-Statement look the same as my regular paper statement?

Yes. Images of your cancelled checks and deposits are also included, if you currently receive those items.


How will I know when my statement is ready to be viewed online?

Every month a link with the new statement will be made available to you within your online banking account. To view a PDF of the new statement, or of archived statements from previous months, go to the my accounts tab, select the view e-statements menu item and then double click the link to the statement that you want to view.


What is a PDF?

Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is a standard file format for distributing electronic documents. Adobe PDF files can be viewed, saved, and printed by using Adobe Acrobat Reader software.


What if I don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader?

The basic Adobe Acrobat Reader software is available for free at www.adobe.com. We strongly recommend that you download Adobe Reader 9.4 for best results. 


How do I save my e-Statements?

Once you have opened your e-statement, you can save it using the small disk icon on the toolbar of your Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Provide a name for the file using a .pdf extension. Select a name that will help you remember which statement the file contains (e.g. SavingJuly2011.pdf).


How do I print my e-Statement?

Again, by using the Adobe Acrobat Reader toolbar, press the printer icon. You can either print the entire statement or just a particular page.